Pat Maroon apologizes to Evander Kane
(Screenshot/ ESPN)

There’s nothing like respect in the game of hockey.

The Tampa Bay Lightning faced the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday at Rogers Place. It was the first meeting between the two teams since Lightning forward Pat Maroon inadvertently skated over Evander Kane’s wrist back in November.

Kane only recently returned to the Oilers lineup after missing over two months with the wrist injury. Before the game, Maroon checked in on Kane and apologized for accidentally skating over his wrist back in November.

ESPN had Maroon mic’d up for the nice exchange between the two players. Maroon told Kane that he didn’t even know he skated over his wrist. He apologized to Kane and the Oilers’ forward accepted the apology.

Here’s what we could make out from the audio of the exchange:

Maroon: “My son told me I did it. I didn’t even know I did it. My bad. Glad to see you’re doing good”

Kane: “All good. Thanks buddy”

Check out Maroon mic’d up apologizing to Kane below.


Only in hockey can one player almost sever another player’s artery and then receive a response of “All good buddy don’t worry about it”.

While Maroon apologized to Kane before the game, the pleasantries didn’t last for long. Maroon took a penalty in the game for hooking Connor McDavid and then shoved the Oilers phenom down to the ice. Maroon also appeared to slew foot Oilers’ forward Derek Ryan.

While the bad blood between the two teams resumed upon puck drop, it was still nice of Maroon to check in on Kane before the game and make him feel welcome in his return to the NHL.