Evander Kane cut by skate of Pat Maroon
(Screenshot/ NHL on TNT)

Please keep Evander Kane in your thoughts tonight.

Edmonton Oilers’ forward Evander Kane was cut by a skate blade on Tuesday night. It was a terrifying scene that served as a reminder of the dangers of ice hockey.

The Oilers were playing the Tampa Bay Lightning in a nationally televised matchup at Amalie Arena. There was plenty of anticipation for McDavid and the Oilers taking on the star-studded Lightning. Unfortunately, the game made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Edmonton’s Evander Kane was taken to hospital after getting his wrist sliced open by the skate blade of Lightning forward Pat Maroon in the second period. The play started when Tampa Bay defender Phillipe Myers brought Kane down to the ice, before Maroon inadvertently skated over Kane’s wrist, causing an immediate gushing of blood onto the ice.

Kane immediately recognized what happened and rushed to the bench in pain, clutching his wrist. Kane knew he had been cut, so he was able to apply instant pressure to the wound and seek medical attention. He went straight to the locker room and wouldn’t return to the game.

We’ve embedded the video of Kane’s injury, but caution that it may be upsetting to some.


Pat Maroon didn’t appear to have any ill intent on the play, as he also recognized something was wrong and signaled for help. Myers, however, is being accused of slew-footing Kane to bring him down on the ice. While the play may be dirty, the Tampa defender couldn’t have known that a freak accident would follow.

The Oilers released an official Evander Kane injury update shortly after the power forward exited the game. The best possible news is that Kane is okay and is in stable condition. Here’s what the Oilers published on social media regarding Kane’s injury:

“After suffering a wrist injury early in the second period, Evander Kane is stable and has been transported to hospital for a procedure later this evening.”

Oilers’ head coach Jay Woodcroft also added some reinsurance, saying that “The news that I’ve received so far is that he is well taken care of.” Woodcroft was visibly in distress on the bench when Kane was cut by the skate.

Evander Kane isn’t the most well-liked player in the hockey world, but nobody deserves to be a victim of a freak accident such as this one. We’re keeping Kane in our thoughts and hope he makes a full recovery from this wrist injury.