Jordan Binnington explains why he threw water bottle at Nazem Kadri

St.Louis Blues’ goalie Jordan Binnington has revealed why he threw a water bottle at Colorado forward Nazem Kadri during the 2022 NHL Playoffs.

Binnington’s water bottle throw has been one of the most talked-about moments of the playoffs. Following Game 3 of the Blues vs Avalanche playoff series, Binnington threw a water bottle at Kadri while he was conducting a post-game interview.

Binnington appeared upset with Kadri after the Avalanche forward collided with him during the game. Kadri’s collision injured Binnington and ended the Blues’ goalie’s postseason prematurely.

Binnington spoke with the St. Louis media Tuesday and confirmed it was him who threw the bottle. He gave further insight into why he targeted Kadri with his throw.

“I went to get my knee checked out mid-game, explained Binnington. “I was coming back to the rink, and the game just ended. Walking down the hallway, I couldn’t find a recycling bin on my way down the hallway.”

Binnington spotted Kadri doing a post-game interview and didn’t like how happy the Avs’ forward looked. Binnington called it a “God-given opportunity” to confront Kadri.

“Right before I walked into the locker room, I see him kind of doing an interview there, smiling, laughing and I’m there in a knee brace limping down the hallway”, Binnington said. “I just felt like it was a God-given opportunity”.

Here’s Binnington’s full interview on why he threw the water bottle:


Binnington also went on to say that “it’s hockey and it’s a competitive game”. While we agree that hockey is an intense sport, throwing objects at other players shouldn’t be considered acceptable in the NHL.

Binnington deserves credit for speaking honestly, but it would’ve been nice if he took some responsibility for his actions. Luckily, as Binnington stated in his interview, his water bottle throw didn’t even hit Kadri.

Binnington is already one of the most disliked goalies in the NHL, and his explanation for why he threw the water bottle isn’t going to win him over many new fans.