Jordan Binnington throws water bottle at Nazem Kadri during interview
(Screenshot/ TNT)

St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington is back up to his old tricks.

Binnington reportedly threw a water bottle at Nazem Kadri following Game 3 between the Blues and Avalanche on Saturday. Kadri was conducting his post-game interview with TNT following a 5-2 Avalanche victory.

Binnington threw the water bottle at Kadri due to an incident during the game. Kadri collided with Binnington in the first period, injuring the Blues’ goalie and forcing him to leave the game. Check out the collision below:

Binnington clearly thought it was a dirty play by Kadri and sought out the Avalanche forward after the game. Binnington saw Kadri doing a post-game interview with TNT and tried to get payback from a distance.

Kadri’s post-game interview was disrupted by a water bottle hitting the ground. The Athletic’s Peter Baugh reports it was Binnington who threw the water bottle. Here’s Kadri’s interview being interrupted by the water bottle throw:

TNT broadcaster Tarik El-Bashir shared a photo of the water bottle on social media:

Binnington and Kadri have history, which likely played into the water bottle throw Saturday. During a game between the Blues and Avalanche in the regular season, Binnington lost his cool and swung his stick at Kadri’s head. He clearly dislikes the ex-Leafs forward.

Binnington is known for his on-ice antics, but he had been pretty well behaved so far in the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Part of that can be attributed to his strong play in the series, as Binnington had stopped 81 of 85 shots vs the Avalanche entering Saturday’s Game 3.

Although Binnington had been keeping his cool, the Kadri collision in Game 3 made him snap. The 28-year-old netminder is being evaluated for a lower-body injury and could miss the remainder of the postseason.

Binnington throwing a water bottle at Kadri also brings back memories of Binnington’s dramatics during the 2021 NHL Playoffs. Following the conclusion of Game 1 between Colorado and St.Louis last year, Binnington skated down the length of the ice to challenge Avs’ goalie Philipp Grubauer.

Binnington was letting his play on the ice do the talking this year, but the water bottle throw at Kadri reveals his true colors. Fortunately, Binnington doesn’t have the greatest aim and didn’t injure Kadri with the throw.

Hopefully Binnington is able to get healthy and re-enter the series so we can see the drama play out between him and Kadri.