St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington bumps into New York Islanders goalie Ilya Sorokin
(Screenshot/ Bally Sports MidWest)

Jordan Binnington is back up to his antics.

St. Louis Blues’ goaltender Jordan Binnington bumped into New York Islanders’ goalie Ilya Sorokin at center ice on Thursday night. The incident occurred at the end of the second period when the two teams were skating off the ice to the dressing rooms.

Binnington’s Blues were trailing the Islanders 4-1 at the end of the second period. Binnington allowed four goals in the period. As the goalie skated off the ice, he had a conversation with Isles captain Brock Nelson before crossing paths with Sorokin at center ice.

As the two goalies crossed paths, Binnington stuck his shoulder out and gave the Islanders goalie a little bump. The St. Louis goalie then causally skated away as if nothing happened. A few Islanders players turned around, including Matt Martin, who tried to get at the St. Louis goalie before the ref held him back.


Here’s another clip from a different angle that includes a slo-mo replay of Binnington bumping Sorokin:

Islanders defenseman Alex Romanov can be seen afterward patting Sorokin on the back and telling him to disregard that bump from Binnington. Romanov knows the Isles would get their revenge via the scoreboard.

Sorokin commented post-game on the Binnington bump. The Isles goalie clearly wasn’t fazed by what happened. “Oh yeah, it’s funny. I was relaxed”, Sorokin said to reporters.

The Blues were losing badly in the game, which is typically when Binnington breaks out his antics. “Binner” has a well-documented history of trying to intimidate opposing players and get in their head. Just last week, he chirped the LA Kings bench after getting pulled in an ugly loss.

It’s not surprising Binnington is frustrated and trying to spark his team. St. Louis has lost six straight games, getting outscored 30-10 in the process. Binnington hasn’t played his best, but he also hasn’t gotten much help.

On the season, Binnington owns a .822 save percentage, while Sorokin owns a stellar .935 save percentage. There’s likely some jealousy reflected in that bump, as Sorokin is having a much better season than Binnington.

It appeared in the early goings of the 2022-23 season that Binnington had matured and moved on from that water bottle incident with Nazem Kadri in the playoffs last year. It only took an extended losing streak this year, however, to bring out Binnington’s true colors.