Photo showing size difference between Cole Caufield and Zdeno Chara

This is one of the cooler hockey photos you’ll ever see.

The Montreal Canadiens and New York Islanders faced off in an NHL game on Friday, April 16th. The matchup featured one of the NHL’s tallest players facing off against one of the NHL’s shortest players.

Montreal forward Cole Caufield is only 5′ 7″ and 166 lbs, making him one of the shortest smallest NHL players. New York defenseman Zdeno Chara is 6’9″ and 250 lbs, making him one of the largest NHL players.

Caufield and Chara lined up against each other during a faceoff on Friday. An NHL photographer captured the moment on film with a perfectly-timed photo. The size difference of the two players is mind-blowing.

You can view the epic photo below:

Zdeno Chara and Cole Caufield line up on faceoff

It’s always wild to see Chara lineup against shorter NHL players. Back when Chara was playing for the Bruins, he stood between the two shortest players on the Blue Jackets for a hilarious anthem photo.

There’s speculation Chara will retire at the end of the 2021-22 season, so we need to appreciate these moments before he calls it a career. The 45-year-old has had a fantastic run in the NHL, playing over 1,600 games and winning the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Chara and the Islanders shutout Caufield and the Habs by a 3-0 score on Friday. Chara and Caufield playing in the same league despite their massive size difference is another reason why hockey is such a beautiful sport.