Sidney Crosby in EA Sports NHL

NHL 24 is set to release on video game consoles today, and for another year, Sidney Crosby won’t be featured on the cover of the video game series.

“Sid the Kid’s” absence on the NHL 24 cover begs the question. Why has Sidney Crosby never been on the cover of EA Sports NHL?

In this article, we’ll explore the reason NHL legend Sidney Crosby hasn’t made his way onto the cover of the popular EA Sports NHL video game franchise.

Sidney Crosby: A Living Legend in the NHL

It’s difficult to overstate Sidney Crosby’s contribution to the NHL and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Making his debut in the 2005-2006 season, he has been a cornerstone of success for his team and the league.

Sidney Crosby with the Stanley Cup in Cole Harbour

With a point-per-game production that is nothing short of incredible, Crosby has led the Penguins to three Stanley Cup victories. He’s garnered virtually every NHL trophy, etching his name permanently among hockey’s elite.

The Prestige of the EA Sports NHL Cover

For years, EA Sports has selected the NHL’s top talents to grace the cover of its yearly NHL video game series. The choice is often reflective of a player’s impact on the game, their performance, and their marketability.

Recent EA NHL Covers

NHL Covers Featured Stars
2018 Connor McDavid
2019 P.K. Subban
2020 Auston Matthews
2021 Alexander Ovechkin
2022 Auston Matthews
2023 Trevor Zegras

Given these criteria, it’s rather puzzling that Crosby, an athlete of his calibre, has never appeared on the cover.

Let’s explore the top reasons Sidney Crosby hasn’t been on the EA NHL cover in his career.

Rejecting the Spotlight: Sidney Crosby’s Preference for Privacy

One conceivable explanation lies in Crosby’s desire to maintain a subdued presence off the ice. Unlike other athletes who thrive on publicity, Crosby has been notably private about his personal life.

This inclination toward discretion suggests that he might intentionally avoid the high-profile platform that a video game cover would undoubtedly provide. Sid the Kid avoids unnecessary media interaction, and being the cover athlete requires a notable media commitment.

The Role of Superstition: A Tale of Luck and Ritual

Superstitions wield considerable influence in sports, and Crosby is no exception to this cultural norm. Known for his meticulous pre-game rituals and specific routines, Crosby may view the prospect of a video game cover as a potential jinx or a disruption to his performance.

The notion of ‘bad luck’ is deeply ingrained in sports culture, and Crosby’s reservations may stem from this widespread belief.

The Intricacies of Contractual Agreements

Fan discussions point to another angle: contractual limitations. Early in his career, Crosby inked a sponsorship deal with Reebok. The terms of such agreements often contain stipulations about public appearances and endorsements.

Sidney Crosby wearing Reebok helmet

It’s conceivable that Crosby’s contractual obligations may have initially prevented him from gracing a video game cover. But it’s puzzling that years later, Sid, who’s now with CCM, is still among the NHL stars who have never been on cover of EA Sports’ NHL video game.

Conclusion: The Enigma Continues

Sidney Crosby’s absence from the cover of EA Sports’ NHL video games remains a topic of fascination and speculation. While the exact reasons continue to elude the public sphere, they likely lie at the intersection of privacy, superstition, and perhaps contractual limitations.

As the NHL gears up for new seasons and new editions of its video game, the question will persist. However, it seems that for Crosby, the focus will always be less on the cover of a video game and more on the actual game of hockey.