Wayne Gretzky and Chris Chelios captured by Sportsnet cameras

Wayne Gretzky is just like one of us.

The Great One was in attendance along with Chris Chelios for Sunday night’s game between the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks.

The Edmonton Sportsnet broadcast happened to capture a hilarious conversation between Gretzky and Chelios at the end of the first period.

Gretzky can be seen telling Chelios about a sale he got on an expensive watch.

Wayne Gretzky: “It’s a 4 thousand dollar watch I got for fifteen hundred bucks.”

Chris Chelios: “That’s a sharp looking watch.”

The lip reading was originally done by Oilers fan Chris Calmers. The clip gained some traction on Twitter, but later went viral in a hilarious Reddit thread.

Some of the top comments included:

“His shrug seems to imply, “Am I the greatest value shopper of all time? I dunno, you tell me”

“The Rebate One”

You miss 100% of the sales you don’t buy”

Even long after hanging up the skates, Wayne Gretzky is a gift that keeps on giving.