Ryan Reaves is a very bad man.

The Vegas Golden Knights’ forward demolished Ottawa Senators’ forward Scott Sabourin in a spirited fight Thursday evening.

Players around the NHL are learning it’s a bad idea to fight Ryan Reaves, so you have to give Sabourin props for standing up to one of the toughest fighters in the game.

You can watch the full Ryan Reaves vs. Scott Sabourin fight below:

Reaves was fighting for 66th time in his NHL career, while the career minor-leaguer Sabourin was dropping the mitts for technically the first time in his NHL career. He had fought Max Domi of the Habs and Ben Harpur of the Maple Leafs in the preseason, but his bought with Reaves was his first regular-season scrap.

You can tell by Reaves’ patience and waiting out Sabourin before attacking just how experienced he is at dropping the gloves. Reaves has become one of the most respected fighters in the game, so even though his opponents often lose, they still get plenty of respect from their teammates just for having the guts to take on the former Blus’ agitator.