Don Cherry speaks with Rebel News
(Screenshot/ Rebel News).

Don Cherry has started speaking to the media after he was fired by Rogers Sportsnet on Monday.

Cherry was let go following comments he made on Saturday during his weekly Coach’s Corner segment with Ron MacLean.

“I live in Mississauga. Very few people wear the poppy. Downtown Toronto, forget it. Nobody wears the poppy. Now you go to the small cities. You people . . . that come here, whatever it is —  you love our way of life. You love our milk and honey. At least you could pay a couple of bucks for a poppy or something like that,” Cherry said. These guys pay for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada. These guys paid the biggest price for that.”

Cherry has done several video interviews since being fired, including speaking with CityNews Toronto and Rebel News, and appearing on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Fox News.

In his first on-camera interview since the firing, Don Cherry explains to Adrian Ghobrial of CityNews Toronto what he meant by “you people” and how he was prepared to issue an apology the following Saturday night.

In a separate video interview with Rebel News, Cherry gets more in-depth about his comments, discusses his co-host Ron MacLean and talks about being a “right-winger”

This interview was more focused about the state of the media and how everyone needs to watch what they say. Cherry says that he meant to say that “everyone should wear a poppy” and that his comments were taken out of context. When asked about being fired on Remembrance Day, Cherry said it was ironic.

“It’s kind of ironic I would get canned on Remembrance Day. With all those guys dying, I guess I died too with them.”

Don Cherry then went on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight’ show on Fox News. In a nearly six-minute interview with Tucker Carlson, Cherry explained that he was fired for using the two words “you people”. Cherry stated that he didn’t mean anything hateful and would’ve used “everybody” instead of “you people” if he had a do-over.