Habs fans brawl in a Calgary casino

Habs fans don’t appear to be in the Christmas spirit.

A brawl between Montreal Canadiens fans broke out in the middle of a Calgary Casino after Friday’s game between the Habs and Flames. A man wearing a Shea Weber jersey can be seen laying heavy punches on another man, while a woman standing nearby watching the action ends up getting trampled.

The brawl took place at Calgary’s popular “Cowboy Casino”, which is located near the Saddledome.

The Habs beat the Flames 4-3 in overtime in the game, so it’s unclear what caused these fights. Part of the brawl was caught on video by a snapchat user. We’ll update this post with full video if it becomes available.

Christmas is right around the corner, but these Habs fans are in the spirit of dishing out punches instead of giving out gifts.