Vegas fan steals flag Avalanche fan
(Screenshot/ @aybrowne on Twitter)

This doesn’t belong in hockey.

A Vegas fan stole the flag of an Avalanche fan after their Game 6 victory at T-Mobile Arena on Thursday evening. The Golden Knights eliminated Colorado from the playoffs with a 6-3 victory. Vegas will face Montreal in Round 3.

A Colorado fan in enemy territory captured the incident on camera Thursday night. The Vegas fan walks up to the Avs fan and blatantly steals his flag after an empty net goal. The Avs fan is then forced to chase after him and a fight breaks out.

Vegas is one of the liveliest environments to take in a playoff game. The Golden Knights have a capacity crowd for the playoffs and are almost unbeatable in their own arena. Vegas went 21-5-2 at T-Mobile Arena this year.

While it’s great to have passionate fans, stealing personal belongings crosses the line. Not only did the Colorado fan have his flag taken, but a few other Vegas fans stepped in to make sure he didn’t get it back.


Luckily, these few fans don’t appear to be a representation of the Golden Knights fanbase. Shortly after the video went viral on Twitter, many Golden Knights Knights fans spoke out about the incident.

One of the tweets read, “Please find out these four men and ban them from T-Mobile Arena forever. Also, please give the two Avs fans a suite to any Avs game next season. Sincerely, 99.5% of vgk fans.”

The Vegas vs Colorado playoff series was incredible, so it’s unfortunate that this is going to be one of the memories. The two teams are Western Conference juggernauts and likely to meet in the postseason again.

You hate to see something like this happen at an NHL game. Hopefully the incident will be resolved and Avalanche fans will still feel welcome traveling to Vegas for road games.