Tyler Seguin, Jason Dickinson, Ryan Reaves and Robin Lehner all take a knee during the National Anthems
(Photo from @GoldenKnights on Twitter).

Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba is no longer alone in his fight against racism.

Dallas Stars’ forwards Tyler Seguin, Jason Dickinson and Vegas Golden Knights’ players Ryan Reaves and Robin Lehner all took a knee during the Canadian and American National Anthems that were played before Game 1 of the two team’s round-robin playoff seeding game on Monday.

Per Dallas Stars beat writer Sean Shapiro, Reaves and Seguin talked before the game in warmups and Reaves told Seguin that he and Lehner were planning to kneel. Seguin went back to locker room to tell teammates he would be joining them and Dickinson said he wanted to join as well.

Tyler Seguin has been one of the most outspoken NHL players ever since George Floyd was murdered on May 25th. Seguin posted an inspiring message on social media regarding Black Lives Matter and later attended a protest for George Floyd.

Dumba had previously been the only NHL player to take action against racism on the ice. The 26-year-old gave a powerful speech and took a knee during the American National Anthem before Game 1 of the qualifying-round playoff series between the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday. Dumba also raised his first during both anthems that were played before Game 1 of Minnesota’s first-round qualifying series against the Vancouver Canucks on Sunday.

Dumba is yet to receive on-ice support from his Minnesota teammates in his fight for racial justice and equality, but it’s cool to see other players in the league join him in his fight.