Trevor Zegras calls put Coyotes Jay Beagle for injuring teammate Troy Terry

Trevor Zegras isn’t happy with the Arizona Coyotes.

Zegras called out Arizona forward Jay Beagle after Anaheim’s win over the Coyotes on Friday. The Ducks won 5-0 in a game that turned ugly in the final minutes.

Zegras wowed the hockey world with another lacrosse-style goal earlier in the first period. The move was spectacular, but the Coyotes didn’t seem to appreciate it. Arizona targeted the Ducks’ young stars in the final minutes with the game out of hand.

With just five minutes remaining, Arizona forward Jay Beagle cross-checked Zegras in the back after the rookie poked at his goalie in the crease. Ducks’ forward Troy Terry came to the defense of Zegras and tried to protect the superstar rookie. Beagle starting punching Terry and clocked him in the face.

The worst part is the Coyotes broadcast advocated Beagle attacking Zegras and Terry. Coyotes TV analyst Tyson Nash said, “That’s the problem with these young players. You wanna embarrass guys? You wanna skill it up? You better be prepared to get punched in the mouth.”

Beagle has 25 pounds on Terry and kept punching the Anaheim forward even though Terry never dropped his gloves. Terry isn’t a fighter and has never fought at the NHL level.

The refs at least did their part to handle the penalties properly. Beagle was assessed a two-minute minor penalty for cross-checking, a five-minute major penalty for fighting and a game misconduct. Beagle was ejected from the game to prevent any further damage to the Ducks players.

NHL Player Safety will reportedly not be reviewing the fight for any potential further supplementary discipline. Terry had a huge cut over his eye following the fight. Click here to see a photo of Terry’s face following the game.

Even though Zegras is only 21 years of age, he wasn’t afraid to give his opinion on what transpired on the ice in the post-game interview.

Zegras didn’t want to name drop Beagle, but it was very clear who he was talking about in his post-game interview.

“There’s two minutes left in the game, we’re up 5-0, our best player, our leading goal scorer, one of the best players, in my opinion, in the whole league takes a shot, or I take a shot, he comes in to help me,” Zegras said.

“I get that he’s gonna punch him maybe once, but the fact that he’s down and he’s not engaged in the fight, and you’re gonna hit him three more times? I think it’s embarrassing. I think he should be embarrassed.”

“You don’t punch a guy when he’s down. Especially a 32-goal scorer in the NHL who is a superstar. I think it’s embarrassing. I think it’s a bad look for the league and for the player that did it. It’s humiliating, and I think he should be f—— punished.”

The hockey world has rallied around Zegras after video of Friday’s incident went viral. Many prominent figures in hockey media have specifically voiced their displeasure with how the Coyotes broadcast talked about the sequence.

Here are some of the reactions from Frank Seravalli, Ray Ferraro and Craig Simpson:

Zegras has been incredibly fun to watch this season, so hopefully Beagle’s vicious actions don’t deter him from trying more trick shots. The NHL is becoming a skill-driven league, and some old school commentators such as Tyson Nash are still stuck in the past.

This was certainly an instance where Anaheim wishes they still had heavyweight fighter Nicolas Deslauriers on the roster to help defend Terry. Deslauriers was traded to the Minnesota Wild by the Ducks at the NHL Trade Deadline in exchange for a third-round draft pick.

Terry has 31 goals and 57 points in 64 games this season, while Zegras has 17 goals and 50 points. We hope both players don’t have any lingering injury issues from Friday’s brutal conclusion to the game.