Jack the Chimpanzee plays hockey
(Photo Credit: AP Sports)

The NHL offseason can get boring for die-hard hockey fans.

A throwback video of Jack the Chimpanzee lacing up the skates and playing hockey has resurfaced. It’s as great as you can imagine.

Jack the Chimpanzee was the star of the 2000 movie “MVP: Most Valuable Primate.” The successful film sparked the MVP franchise.

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The movie centers around the three-year-old chimpanzee and is uncanny ability to play the sport of hockey.

Jack was previously the subject of a long-term experiment before accidentally being sent to Canada. While in Canada, Jack played a key role for a junior league hockey team. The Chimpanzee played for the “Nuggets” in Vancouver, helping the team reach the Harvest Cup Final.

The Associated Press obtained footage of Jack the chimpanzee practicing playing hockey for the movie. It’s truly fascinating to watch a chimpanzee skate and hold a hockey stick.


He may not be as fast or skilled as the typical hockey player, but Jack the Chimpanzee was a star in his own right.