Shane Wright death stare at Montreal
(Screenshot/ Sportsnet)

This is one of the most dramatic moments in NHL Draft history.

Projected first overall draft pick Shane Wright appeared to stare down the Montreal Canadiens’ table after being passed on at the 2022 NHL Draft. The Habs had the first pick and drafted Slovak winger Juraj Slafkovsky instead of Wright.

Not only did Montreal pass on Wright, but the prized prospect fell all the way to the Seattle Kraken at fourth overall. Considering Wright was the consensus first overall pick in the 2022 NHL Draft, the youngster clearly wasn’t happy about being snubbed.

After finally being taken fourth overall by Seattle, an emotional Wright walked up the stage and gave a death stare to the Canadiens’ table. Wright won’t ever forget that Montreal passed on him.

Check out Wright giving the death stare to the Montreal Canadiens below:


Monreal’s draft table wasn’t shown on TV, so it was initially unclear who Wright’s death stare was directed towards. Wright later confirmed in a Seattle radio interview that he was in fact looking at the Montreal table.

Wright also liked a viral Instagram post that talked about him giving a death stare to Montreal. Furthermore, Wright even liked an Instagram comment calling Slafkovsky the worst first overall draft pick since Nail Yakupov.

Shane Wright Instagram likes

Based on Wright’s Instagram likes, the Kingston Frontenac center doesn’t believe Slafkovsky deserved to be taken before him. “I’m definitely going to have a chip on his shoulder from this”, Wright said.

Wright’s death stare and social media behavior exemplify a potential reason he fell to fourth overall. There has long-been speculation Wright has some attitude issues that have turned off NHL teams.

While Wright may have taken things a bit too far, we do love a good revenge plot. The first NHL meeting between Montreal (Slafkovsky) and Seattle (Wright) in 2022-23 is going to be must-see TV.

Wright’s death stare became a huge story at the 2022 NHL Draft, but only time will tell if the Habs made the right choice with the first overall pick.