Seattle Kraken alternate jersey concept

The mock concepts for the Seattle Kraken alternate jerseys have arrived.

Designers have been hard at work ever since the NHL Seattle expansion team officially unveiled their name and design on Monday. The Seattle Kraken will be name of the NHL’s newest franchise, which is set to begin play in the 2021-2022 season in the Pacific Division.

The Kraken unveiled their design as part of their big announcement last week. The home and away jerseys will feature the primary ‘S’ logo in the crest and will incorporate the secondary logo, which is a space needle anchor design, on each of the shoulder patches.

While no official alternate jersey has been announced by the Kraken, designers have been mocking up concepts and designs to give fans an idea of what a potential third jersey could look like.

A Reddit user with the username U/Gazoobz has designed an awesome Seattle Kraken alternate jersey based on a tattoo that was uploaded by a Seattle fan. u/Seaside_Suicide proved he might be the biggest Seattle Kraken fan on the planet when he shared a photo of an epic Kraken tattoo he had done which combines the team’s two logos.

The jersey mockup based on the tattoo includes the primary ‘S’ logo wrapped around the secondary space needle logo on the crest. The design also has the “Ice Blue” color as the primary color instead of the “Deep Sea Blue” color that is used as the main color on the home jersey.

U/Gazoobz also designed a Seattle Kraken alternate jersey in which he kept the primary ‘S’ logo on the crest, but still used the “Ice Blue” color as the primary color.

The Seattle Kraken is still over a year away from hitting the ice, but it’s awesome to see all the excitement over the NHL’s newest franchise.