Radko Gudas flips Kirby Dach with hip check

You don’t see hip checks like this anymore.

Florida Panthers’ defenseman Radko Gudas flipped Chicago Blackhawks’ forward Kirby Dach with a massive hip check Thursday evening. Gudas sent Dach head over heels with a WWE style maneuver.

The hip check occured in the second period at FLA Live Arena. Dach tried to get past Gudas along the boards in the offensive zone. Gudas closed the gap by backing up and clipping Dach with his rear end. The Hawks’ youngster went flying into the air.

This hip check is poetry in motion:


The Radko Gudas hip check brings back memories of some of the greatest hip checks in NHL history. Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov flipped Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene with a huge hip check back in 2018.

You also can’t forget Ottawa blueliner Marc Methot stopping Pittsburgh superstar Evgeni Malkin with a perfectly placed hip check in the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

If any NHL player was going to lay out a massive hip check this season, there’s a good chance it was going to be Gudas. The Czech defenseman is known for his physical play and leads the entire NHL with 298 hits in 2021-22.

While the Gudas hip check is awesome, you have to feel for the recipient, Kirby Dach. Dach has been on the receiving end of some massive collisions this season.

The hip check is a lost art in the NHL, so it’s cool to see Radko Gudas bring it back in stylish fashion Thursday.