Patrik Laine ruthlessly chirps Philadelphia Flyers player
(Screenshot/ NBC Sports Philadelphia).

Patrik Laine has had an interesting four years in the NHL ever since being drafted by the Winnipeg Jets second overall in 2016.

After recording a career-low 30 goals, 50 points and a minus-24 rating in 2018-19, Laine was enjoying a rebound season by his standards in 2019-20 with 28 goals, 63 points and a plus-8 rating in 68 games before the NHL went on pause.

While Laine is becoming known for his lethal goal-scoring ability, the 22-year-old Finnish forward has a sense of humour that isn’t always seen by the fans. The sniper is never afraid to crack jokes and has provided the media with some golden quotes in his early professional career.

Having now played over 300 games in the NHL, here’s a list of Patrik Lanine’s five funniest moments with the Jets.

5. Laine gets mic’d up at Jets practice 

Laine was mic’d up for a practice at Bell MTS Iceplex back in October 2017, and hilariousity ensued. From telling his teammate to “hit the net” to making a pigeon noise, Laine’s personality is on display throughout the video. The opening clip gives an indication of what you can expect from Laine wearing a microphone

Jets player: “You mic’d up eh?”

Laine: “Yep”

Jets player: “You gonna say anything smart?”

Laine: “No…. I usually don’t do that”

4. Laine gives hilarious one-liner on 20th birthday

After Patrik Laine turned 20 years old on April 19th, 2018, members of the media questioned him about what it felt like to not be a teenager anymore. One journalist specifically asked Laine if he feels any wiser now that he’s 20. His response was epic.

3. Laine ruthlessly chirps Flyers player

Patrik Laine delivered a ruthless chirp on a Flyers minor-league player during a 2017 game between the Flyers and Jets. While the camera didn’t catch which player it was directed to, both Jordan Weal and Travis Sanheim were seen chirping towards Laine. Laine was just over a year removed from being taken second overall in the NHL Draft and used his star power to put an end to the lesser-known player chirping at him. “Who the f*ck are you? What’s your name?”, Laine says.

2. Laine burns Canucks

Before the 2018-19 NHL season even began, Patrik Laine went full savage. Laine has long been known for his love of video games, including being an avid Fortnite player. After the Vancouver Canucks decided to ban playing video games on the road before the start of the season, Laine took the opportunity to rip into them for the season they had in 2017-18. The Canucks had finished with the second-worst record in the Western Conference and had missed the playoffs for a third consecutive year. After the Canucks announced they were banning video games prior to the puck dropping on the new season, Laine took his shot and defended his video-game hobby.

Laine even went further with his burn, saying that if the Jets start playing like the Canucks, they will stop playing video games as well. Winnipeg had finished that season with the second-best record in the entire Western Conference and made it all the way to the Conference Final before losing to the Vegas Golden Knights.

1. Laine plays sad violin for Minnesota Wild

Patrik Laine’s funniest moment in Winnipeg came during Winnipeg’s incredible playoff run back in 2018. The Jets were matched up in the first round against Minnesota, who occupied the third seed in the Central Division after turning in an 101-point season. The Jets needed just five games to eliminate the Wild. After narrowly beating the Wild in Game 1, Winnipeg took it to Minnesota in Game 2 and outshot them 44-17 en route to a 4-1 victory. After Patrik Laine scored to put the Jets up 4-0 late in the third period, he celebrated his goal by playing a sad violin for the Wild as he skated by the Minnesota bench.