Over 15km of cars line up for Colby Cave on Highway 16 in
Photo from @PremierScottMoe (Twitter).

The family of late Edmonton Oilers forward Colby Cave received an overwhelming amount of support as they returned to their home in North Battleford, Saskatchewan on Monday evening. An incredible video taken by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe shows an overhead view of cars lined up on Highway 16 in North Battleford awaiting the arrival of Cave’s family.

Cave’s family had previously been in Ontario with Cave while he was receiving care in a Toronto hospital. Cave had been in Sunnybrook Hospital since Monday when he suffered a brain bleed overnight. He was placed into a medically-induced coma on Tuesday. The 25-year-old tragically passed away on the morning of Saturday April, 11th.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing rules are preventing large mass gatherings of any kind. Despite these rules being in place, the community in Cave’s hometown still found a way to come together and honour Cave. Reporters who were at the event Monday say the cars were lined up for over 15km down the side of the highway.

Ex-Oilers defenseman Eric Gryba was also on the scene and reported on what transpired.

Supposedly there is 15km+ of cars lined up outside Battleford right now waiting for the family of Colby Cave,” Gryba Tweeted. “A heartbreaking and heartwarming time.”

Cave’s death is an unexplainable and awful tragedy, but seeing a community come together to honor his legacy and provide support to his family is something quite special.