Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid calls on the NHL to clarify the rules

Connor McDavid is asking for the NHL to clarify some of its rules.

McDavid went off on the NHL officiating Thursday night after the Edmonton Oilers lost in a shootout to the St. Louis Blues. The Oilers scored in overtime but the goal was disallowed after video review determined McDavid was offside.

Here’s the replay of McDavid entering the zone before the Oilers scored the OT winner. You can judge for yourself whether or not McDavid was offside.

Mcdavid is usually pretty reserved in his interviews, but he took the opportunity in his post-game interview Thursday to take a stand and call out the NHL. McDavid wants the NHL to make rules more clear to the players.

“The league has got to clarify some of these rules, Mcdavid said. “What’s a kick? What’s offside? What’s goalie interference? It kind of depends on the night I guess.”

McDavid believes he had possession on the play.

“I mean since I was a kid I thought if you have possession of the puck, it’s onside”, Mcdavid stated. “If I have possession or not, I guess that’s the judgment call. Either way, I think the players just want some clarity on some of these rules.”

“Not understanding the rules of our own game, it’s kinda funny I guess, McDavid added.

Here McDavid’s post-game interview where he calls on the NHL to make the rules more clear. His entire post-game interview was basically about the controversial overtime call.


The NHL released a statement on the ruling, saying: “Video review determined that Edmonton’s Connor McDavid preceded the puck into the offensive zone without possession and control and, therefore, was in an off-side position prior to Leon Draisaitl’s goal.”

Hockey fans on social media were immediately comparing the Oilers’ overtime goal to Cale Makar’s controversial goal against Edmonton in the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. This goal WAS ruled onside.

Whether or not you agree with the ruling Thursday, we think most hockey fans can at least agree with McDavid in that the NHL can do a better job explaining the rules.