Mikhail Sergachev tells Oilers fans how many Cups he has
(Screenshot/ Bally Sports)

Mikhail Sergachev is stone cold.

The Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman got into it with Edmonton Oilers fans on Saturday night. The Bolts and Oilers played a nasty game at Rogers Place in Alberta.

A brawl broke out in the second period after a goal by Lightning defenseman Zach Bogosian. The melee included Oilers’ forward Josh Archibald jumping an unsuspecting Sergachev. The Russian d-man wasn’t happy and dropped the gloves with Archibald.

Sergachev got a five-minute major penalty for fighting, and he heard it from the fans in Edmonton. Oilers fans taunted Sergachev in the penalty box and cursed at him. According to some people at the game, a few Oilers fans gave Sergachev a hard time about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Sergachev put an end to the chirping fairly quickly with a classic hockey chirp. The Tampa Bay blueliner reminded Oilers fans that he’s won two Stanley Cups. Sergachev held up two fingers and said “I got two”. Sergachev and the Bolts went back-to-back in 2020 and 2021.


At the end of the video, Sergachev appears to be telling Edmonton he won one of those Cups “right here”. The Lightning won their 2020 Stanley Cup at Rogers Place against the Dallas Stars in the Return-to-Play. The 2020 Playoffs were played in Toronto and Edmonton hub cities due to COVID-19.

Although Edmonton has won five Stanley Cup themselves, they haven’t tasted the glory since 1990. This was a pretty good chirp from Sergachev as most players on Edmonton’s current roster weren’t even born when the team won their last ring.

Player/fan interactions in the penalty box are uncommon, but they’re always entertaining. One of the best recent ones came from Boston’s Brad Marchand in 2018-19. After a fan in Dallas chirped Marchand, the Bruins forward asked him “How much did you pay to watch me?”

Edmonton won the game 4-1 on Saturday, but Sergachev’s chirp is as relevant as ever with the Oilers’ current Cup drought.