Matt Dumba raises fist during National Anthems
(Screenshot/ Sportsnet)

Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba continues to fight for racial equality. One day after giving a powerful speech and kneeling during the US National Anthem of the Game 1 qualifying round series between the Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers, Dumba continued the fight for racial justice.

The 26-year-old blueliner raised his fist during both the Canadian and American National Anthems that were played before Game 1 of the qualifying round series between the Minnesota Wild and Vancouver Canucks on Sunday night. Dumba was alone in the gesture.

Dumba is a member of the Hockey Diversity Alliance, which was formed “to eradicate racism and intolerance in hockey.” Dumba received criticism for only kneeling during the American National anthem on Saturday. He told Minnesota reporters afterwards that he regretted not kneeling for the Canadian National Anthem as well. He added that he will raise his fist for both anthems for the rest of the tournament.

While NHL players certainly aren’t obligated to do anything before the beginning of games, it’s surprising that not even one teammate opted to raise a fist with Dumba.