Marc-Andre Fleury mic'd up trying to fight Jordan Binnington

This will go down as one of the best mic’d up moments in NHL history.

The Minnesota Wild had goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury mic’d up during his altercation with St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington on Tuesday night. During the second period of the Wild vs Blues game on TNT, Fleury skated down the entire length of the ice to fight Binnington after the Blues goalie went after some of Fleury’s teammates.

The Minnesota Wild social team surprised hockey fans by dropping the mic’d up video Thursday afternoon on Twitter. During the wild chaos of the Wild vs Blues game, it wasn’t known that Fleury was wearing a mic. It makes the moment so much better knowing that Flower was wired up.

The funny mic’d-up video shows Fleury skating down the length of the ice to fight Binnignton and becoming annoyed by the linesman interfering with his path. “Come on, it will be fun!” Fleury pleads to the ref.

Check out the full clip below:

Fleury Mic’d Up Video

The Fleury mic’d up video confirms that the Minnesota netminder wanted the goalie fight to happen as much as everyone. Fleury’s line of “He [Binnignton] always wants to fight somebody, you know?” is pretty much how every hockey fan feels. Binnington always acts tough but never actually drops the gloves. It’s about time for the Blues netminder to face the music.

Fleury is one of the NHL’s most beloved goalies, and he’s sure to gain even more fans after this mic’d up video. Most goalies wouldn’t think about skating down the length of the ice to participate in a goalie fight. Not only did Fleury skate down to fight Binnington, but he was also having a great time while doing so.

Our favorite part of the clip might be Fleury worrying about how his hair looks. “I don’t like having my hair like this, you know,” Fleury says at the end of the mic’d up video. The goaltender has his priorities in line knowing how popular goalie fight videos are on the internet. Flower wants to look as cool as possible for a big-time TV moment.

Fleury vs Binnington almost became the first NHL goalie fight since Mike Smith vs Cam Talbot dropped the gloves in the Battle of Alberta back in 2019. There was another close call earlier this season, as Anaheim netminder John Gibson skated down the length of the ice to try and fight LA Kings goalie Phoenix Copley during the Freeway Faceoff. Of course, the linesman didn’t let the fight happen either.

We’ve witnessed a couple near-goalie fights in 2023, so we’re bound to get an actual scrap soon. We can only hope that the goalie will be wearing a mic when it all goes down. Kudos to the Minnesota Wild organization for this, as mic’d up moments are some of the best content in sports.