Justin Bieber release Hold On Toronto Maple Leafs music video

Justin Bieber is taking his support for his favorite hockey team to the next level. The famous Canadian pop singer released a music video dedicated to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday afternoon. The video is set to his new song “Hold On” and is officially titled “Hold On (Maple Leafs Love Letter)”.

There was some confusion on social media Wednesday as it was initially reported that Bieber had released a brand new song dedicated specifically to the Maple Leafs. It turns out that there isn’t a new song, but rather a new music video set to Bieber’s song “Hold On”, which dropped on March 4th.

The Toronto Maple Leafs “Hold On” music video and the original “Hold On” video couldn’t be more different. The Leafs love letter comes across a pump-up video with Leafs highlights and funny off-ice moments, while the original video is very serious.

The original music video is centered around Bieber’s partner getting cancer and Bieber robbing banks in order to pay for her treatments. You can say that’s quite different than the hockey version that dropped Wednesday.

Bieber was born in London, Ontario and has shown his support for the Maple Leafs throughout his career in the celebrity spotlight. He’s also known to be friends with superstars Auston Matthews and Mitch Marners, having previously shared photos of them hanging out and lacing up the skates on his Instagram account.


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Matthews has even appeared on Bieber’s Instagram Live.

Bieber’s new music video came with a message on social media. “A love letter to the @MapleLeafs. Special thanks to the Leafs and the @NHL #HoldOn”, Bieber Tweeted on Wednesday.

You can view the new music video for Bieber’s “Hold On” below.  It was No. 2 on YouTube’s trending page as of Wednesday evening.

Justin Bieber has over 114 million followers on Twitter alone, so it’s awesome he’s bringing attention to the game of hockey. Considering the Maple Leafs are 18-7-2 this season and are currently in first place in the all-Canadian North Division, Bieber likely couldn’t have picked a better season to pay his respects to his favorite hockey team.