Jordan Binnington tries to hit Jordan Staal

Jordan Binnington tried to be the truck, but got trucked instead.

St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington attempted to hit Carolina Hurricanes’ captain Jordan Staal behind the net in an NHL game on Thursday. Instead of taking down Staal, Binnington got the worst of the contact and fell down to the ice.

The funny sequence went viral on social media Thursday evening. The play unfolded in the second period with the Blues on the power play against the Canes. Carolina defender Brent Burns dumped the puck in from his own end and Binnington went to stop it behind the net.

Binnington missed the puck, which put him in a bad position with Jordan Staal coming around the other side. Binnington tried to obstruct Staal’s path by laying the body on the Canes’ forward. Unfortunately for him, Staal is 220 pounds and ran over the St. Louis goalie with ease.

Check out Binnington trying to hit Staal below. The best part is at the end when Staal raises his hands wondering what in the world Binnington was doing.


The Blues players stood up for their goalie and tried to fight Staal after the hit. It’s hard to fault the Carolina captain here, though, as he wasn’t the one who initiated contact. Staal didn’t even see Binnington until the last moment and appeared to try to avoid contact.

There were no penalties assessed on the play, even though the Carolina bench was clamoring for an interference call on Binnington. Although Staal ran over Binnnington, the Blues goalie was actually able to slow him down and prevent the captain from scoring a wrap-around goal.

Binnington’s antics throughout his career have made him one of the most disliked NHL players, so it isn’t surprising hockey fans loved to see him get run over. This was a simple case of “F**k around and find out”. At only 172 pounds, Binnington stood no chance against the much heavier Staal.

Considering his tall and lanky stature, Binnington is better off staying in his net instead of trying to lay hits on 200 lbs+ forwards skating with momentum.