Jarome Iginla interview by Boston tv station

Former NHL superstar Jarome Iginla couldn’t have been more ecstatic to be interviewed by a local Boston TV station without being recognized during a snowstorm Saturday evening.

The Boston 25 News Station was conducting street interviews on Saturday in response to the heavy snowfall that impacted the Boston area. There was reportedly heavy and wet snowfall in the central parts of the Massachusetts region on Saturday, with one town getting over a foot of snow. Over 7,000 were people believed to have lost power.

One of the random people the news station decided to interview was no other than NHL legend Jarome Iginla. The kicker here is that not a single person on the crew recognized him.

Despite growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Iginla actually currently resides in the Boston area. The Hall of Famer reportedly became very fond of Boston during his time with the Bruins and now teaches his kids in a local hockey program.

Here’s a transcript of the interview:

Iginla: “I like the snow, I like the winter, but not necessarily this much. May be a little too much.”

News Anchor: Visibility was poor on the highways as heavy snow came down for a few hours. Getting around was a challenge, even for those who are used to this.

Iginla: “Pretty tough, we’re from Canada, so it’s not too crazy. I mean we got some winter tires. Used to this growing up so, it’s not great. I’ll tell you, you get some tough stretches, but if you don’t go too fast, it’s doable.

Here’s the video:

Iginla will forever be a legend in the mind of Calgary Flames fans, but it’s easy to forget he spent time with the Boston Bruins. After spending the first 16 years of his NHL career with the Flames, Iginla was traded to Pittsburgh during the 2012-13 season. He later signed as a free agent with the Bruins at the start of the next season.

Iginla didn’t disappoint in his one year with the Bruins, exploding for 30 goals and 61 points in 78 games during the 2013-14 season. While his time in Boston was certainly limited, you have to think someone on that TV crew should have recognized the NHL superstar for one reason or another.