Interesting facts about Toronto Maple Leafs Auston Matthews
(Photo Credit: @MapleLeafs/ Twitter)

Meet Auston Matthews, an iconic name that has taken the National Hockey League (NHL) by storm. Known for his razor-sharp skills and a knack for scoring, Matthews has become an emblem of the Toronto Maple Leafs. But beyond his hockey prowess, Matthews has a fascinating backstory and a vibrant off-ice life that contributes to his unique persona. Here are seven interesting facts about Auston Matthews.

1. Auston Matthews: A Phoenix-Born Ice Hockey Prodigy

Auston Matthews was born on September 17, 1997, in San Ramon, California, but was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. Unlike most NHL stars, who usually hail from cold climates where ice hockey is a common pastime, Matthews fell in love with the game in sunny Arizona.

This distinctive upbringing not only sets him apart from other NHL players but also demonstrates that passion and determination can trump geographical limitations when it comes to pursuing a dream.

2. Auston Matthews’ Favorite Hockey Player

Matthews’ love for hockey began when he watched his favorite player, Shane Doan, in action. Doan, an Arizona Coyotes legend, greatly influenced Matthews’ passion for the sport. Matthews has often credited Doan for inspiring him to pursue hockey professionally.

In interviews, Matthews has expressed gratitude for the guidance and support he received from Doan, which played a key role in his development.

3. Auston Matthews’ Unique Path to the NHL

Unlike most NHL draftees, Matthews opted for an unconventional route to the NHL. Instead of playing in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) or the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Matthews played for the ZSC Lions in Switzerland’s National League A. This decision gave him valuable experience playing against professionals, which eventually played a role in his seamless transition to the NHL.

Matthews’ time in Switzerland also exposed him to European hockey culture, which has undoubtedly enriched his style of play. Matthews brings creativity to the ice, as exemplified by his name being on the list of NHL players who have attempted the Michigan move.

4. Record-Breaking NHL Debut

Matthews didn’t just step onto the NHL scene; he stormed it. In his debut match against the Ottawa Senators in October 2016, Matthews scored a remarkable four goals, setting an NHL record for the most goals scored in a debut game.

This incredible feat showcased his immense talent and sent a clear message to the hockey world that a new star had arrived. The record-breaking debut only fueled the excitement surrounding Matthews, and his subsequent performances have continued to impress fans and experts alike.

5. The Influence of Auston Matthews’ Mother

Matthews’ family has been instrumental in his success, but his mother, Ema, holds a special place. She spent countless hours driving young Matthews to hockey practices and games. Her Mexican heritage also influenced Matthews’ life, helping him appreciate the value of a diverse cultural background in a predominantly white sport.

Matthews has often acknowledged the importance of his mother’s support and love in his journey to becoming an NHL superstar. When Matthews won his first playoff series in the year 2023, Ema had an emotional reaction that showed just how proud she was of her son.

6. Auston Matthews’ Signature Move

Matthews has a signature move known as “The Matthews.” This move involves faking a shot, then quickly transitioning to a backhand or forehand shot to beat the goalie. It’s a testament to his exceptional skill and creativity on the ice.

The move has become synonymous with Matthews’ name and stands as a powerful reminder of his unique talent and ability to innovate within the game.

7. Auston Matthews Instagram: A Peek into His Life Off the Ice

Beyond the ice, Matthews leads an interesting life, which he often shares with his fans on Instagram. His Instagram account @auston_matthews provides an insight into his off-ice activities, including his love for fashion, his travels, and fun moments with his teammates.


Auston Matthews is much more than just a talented hockey player. From his unique journey to the NHL to his life off the ice, Matthews is a fascinating individual. Whether he’s shattering records, executing “The Matthews,” or sharing snippets of his life on Instagram, Matthews continues to captivate fans worldwide. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, demonstrating that unconventional paths can lead to extraordinary success.

Don’t forget to follow Auston Matthews Instagram account to stay updated with his latest adventures and remember, the next time you watch him play, you’re not just watching a hockey player – you’re witnessing a trailblazer in action.