(Photo Credit: @HumboldtBroncos on Twitter.)

This is something you never want to see.

The Humboldt Broncos hockey team of the SJHL had their popular Twitter account hacked on Wednesday.

This is the official account of the Humboldt Broncos team that was involved in the tragic bus crash in April of 2018. Sixteen people were killed and thirteen injured when the team bus struck a westbound semi-trailer truck near Armley, Saskatchewan, Canada. The driver of the semi-trailer had failed to yield at a flashing stop sign at the intersection of Highways 35 and 335.

The crash brought together all of Canada, with people leaving hockey sticks outside their doors to pay tribute to the young men who lost their lives. A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign for the Broncos set a national record by raising more than $15,000,000.

The hacker appeared to be using the platform and the account’s 60,000 followers to promote his snapchat and Twitter accounts. He also appeared to be aware of who the Broncos are, as he put out a “RIP Humboldt Broncos” tweet.

The reaction on Twitter was just as you’d expect. People were in disbelief as to why someone would disrespect the victims and the team by hacking their Twitter account and posting racist and inappropriate messages. Luckily, users flooded the Twitter Support team with messages and the account was quickly restored.

Hacking a Twitter account is wrong, but hacking a Twitter account of a hockey team that was involved in a tragic accident is just despicable.