Ref caught on hot mic admitting to makeup penalty call

This is something you don’t want picked up by a microphone if you’re an NHL official.

A referee in the game between the Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday evening was picked up on a hot mic admitting one of his penalty calls was basically a make-up call for a previous penalty.

 “It wasn’t much, but I wanted to give a f*cking penalty against Nashville early in the…”, the official can be heard saying as the broadcast was cutting to commercial break. 

The two refs in the game were Tim Peel and Kelly Sutherland, but it’s unclear which one of them was on the mic here.


The Hockey News’ Ken Campbell reported after the game that Colin Campbell, NHL director of hockey operations, would not comment on the situation, but did acknowledge that the NHL is investigating the incident.

We’ve always known that make-up calls are part of sports, but to hear it live in an actual NHL game is quite something.