Former NHL player Kris Versteeg gives opinion on Connor McDavid
(Screenshot: Sportsnet).

Kris Versteeg is speaking straight facts.

The ex-NHL player went on Instagram Live to give his opinion on Edmonton Oilers’ phenom Connor McDavid and the job the league is doing at marketing him. Versteeg did the video after McDavid’s outstanding Game 2 performance against Chicago that saw him torch the Blackhawks with a hat trick and highlight-reel goal.

Versteeg’s Instagram Live was clipped and aired Nationally by Sportsnet during Game 3 of the Blackhawks and Oilers playoff qualifying round game on Wednesday night.

Here’s what Versteeg said.

“In every sport, and I include tennis, golf, anything…there’s nobody like Connor McDavid right now. There’s nothing like him. He’s insane. How is he not plastered on every single billboard across this country? He’s so much better than the next guy in the league. It is scary how good this guy is.”

Given how talented the Blackhawks’ teams were that won three Stanley Cups between 2010 and 2015, it’s easy to forget that Versteeg played a key role during two of those champion runs. Versteeg scored 10 goals in those playoffs, but perhaps his greatest gift to the hockey world was his rapping at the 2010 Blackhawks Championship parade. Hearing Versteeg rap “Yes” by LMFAO with his own lyrics never gets old.

The NHL could certainly do a better job marketing one of the best athletes in the entire world, so it’s cool to see a prominent former NHL player give attention to the issue.