Every angle of Rangers vs Devils brawl
(Screenshot/ NHL on TNT)

The fierce rivalry between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils reached a boiling point on Wednesday night, as the two teams engaged in a full-scale line brawl just seconds after the opening faceoff at Madison Square Garden.

Fans were treated to a spectacle of flying fists and flaring tempers, with the donnybrook captured from multiple angles by cameras and spectators alike.

Bird’s-Eye View Reveals Brawl Unfolding in Stages

NJ.com reporter Ryan Novozinsky provided a fascinating bird’s-eye view of the Rangers-Devils line brawl. His overhead angle captures how the donnybrook unfolded in stages. The main event between Rangers enforcer Matt Rempe and Devils tough guy Kurtis MacDermid started first. Then, three other fights broke out simultaneously.

Fan Videos Showcase Chaos Up Close

Spectators sitting near the glass recorded the chaos unfolding right in front of them. One video shows a gleeful Rangers fan cheering on his team as the brawl erupts.

Another focuses on the marathon bout between heavyweights Rempe and MacDermid. The two giants continued trading punches even as linesmen struggled to separate the other dueling players.

Broadcast Footage Spotlights Coaches’ Heated Exchange

The coaches got involved in the hostilities too. Broadcast footage captured Devils interim head coach Travis Green and Rangers bench boss Peter Laviolette furiously yelling at each other. Assistant coaches had to restrain the two men as they jawed and gestured angrily from their respective benches.

Alternate Angles Reveal Scope of Secondary Fights

While Rempe and MacDermid headlined the card, several other players engaged in secondary bouts. Alternate camera angles show Devils defensemen Kevin Bahl and John Marino squaring off against Rangers Barclay Goodrow and K’Andre Miller. Meanwhile, New Jersey forward Chris Tierney tangled with Blueshirts captain Jacob Trouba.

Slow-Motion Replays Highlight Haymakers

Slow-motion replays from the broadcast and fan videos showcase the haymakers Rempe and MacDermid traded. The heavyweight tilt continued well after linesmen had broken up the other bouts. Neither man was willing to back down in the marathon fight.

Wide Shot Captures All 10 Skaters Pairing Off

The most chaotic view comes from the initial wide shot of the brawl. It shows all 10 skaters on the ice dropping the gloves simultaneously and pairing off to fight. The scene resembles an old-school line brawl straight out of the 1970s or 80s.

From the overhead view capturing the brawl’s progression, to fan clips showcasing the bedlam up close, to slow-motion replays of the heavyweight haymakers, this unforgettable line brawl has been immortalized from every angle.

The wild spectacle will live on as a testament to the fierce passion fueling one of the NHL’s most storied rivalries. All the different videos paint a comprehensive picture of the chaos and bad blood that erupted at MSG.