Dylan Larkin speaks with Detroit locker room attendant Rick Szuber
(Photo Credit: @RedWings/ Twitter)

Dylan Larkin is a class act.

The Detroit Red Wings captain paid for the beer of a fan after accidentally knocking it over during a pre-game skate. The awesome gesture took place Tuesday when the Red Wings hosted the New York Islanders at Little Caesars Arena.

The Red Wings shared video on social media of Dylan Larkin mic’d up for the exchange. It shows Larkin jumping into the glass during pre-game skate and accidentally knocking over a fan’s beer.

“Oh sh*t. Sorry!”, Larkin exclaims. “I feel terrible”.

Larkin felt so bad about knocking over the beer that he skates to the bench to try and make things right. Larkin asks Detroit locker room attendant Rick Szuber if he can send $20 to the fan so he can get a new beer.

“I got $20 in my dry stall, Larkin says. “I knocked over the guy’s beer. I feel terrible.”

Larkin then describes to Szuber what the fan is wearing and where he’s seating. The Red Wings are able to get the fan $20 so he can pay for a new beer.

Here’s the video with captions:


What a classy gesture from Larkin, who was just named First Star of the Week for his play on the ice. Larkin led the NHL with five goals and seven points in three games to help the Red Wings go 2-1-0. Not a bad week for the Michigan native.

While this video was awesome, it also serves as a reminder to not put your beer on the dasher at hockey games. Any big hit against the glass is going to knock over drinks that are on the dasher. Unless you’re in Detroit, however, and Larkin just buys you a new one.

This was awesome to see as we head into the NHL’s holiday break. Props to Larkin for going the extra mile and making this fan’s night.