Don Cherry still has hard feelings toward Ron MacLean.

Legendary broadcaster Don Cherry has provided an update on his relationship with former co-host Ron MacLean. Cherry and MacLean hosted Coach’s Corner on Hockey Night in Canada for 33 seasons from 1986 to 2019.

Cherry was controversial on Hockey Night in Canada and was eventually fired by the network in November 2019. Cherry was fired by Sportsnet for criticizing Canadian immigrants for not wearing poppies.

Don Cherry fired for rant on immigrants not wearing poppies

MacLean stayed silent during Cherry’s controversial immigrant comments and even gave a thumbs up at one point. It wasn’t until a day later after much backlash that MacLean apologized and criticized Cherry.

While Cherry was fired by Sportsnet, MacLean remained a host at the network. MacLean chose not to stand up for his longtime co-host throughout the firing. Many hockey fans have been wondering if Don Cherry and Ron MacLean are still friends.

Cherry, who is now age 88, talked about MacLean in an interview with the Toronto Sun in June 2022. Cherry spoke very candidly to the Sun’s Joe Warmington about how he feels. Cherry says he would’ve stuck up for Ron if the roles were reversed.

Cherry added he doesn’t feel animosity towards MacLean but doesn’t feel there’s any coming back. “No, I don’t think we’ll ever be friends again, Cherry said. “I can forgive, but I don’t forget.”

Check out Cherry’s interview with Joe Warmington below:


It’s unfortunate Cherry and MacLean won’t be friends again, but at least Cherry doesn’t hold a grudge. Cherry clearly feels backstabbed by MacLean, who was looking out for his own career by not supporting Cherry.

Cherry has found success after Coach’s Corner with his podcast titled “The Grapevine Podcast’. Don Cherry podcast is among the most downloaded shows on the Hockey Podcast charts.

While we wish Cherry and MacLean’s relationship had ended on a better note, it’s nice to get some closure on their (lack of) friendship.