New Jersey fans litter ice with garbage
(Screenshot/ MSG)

New Jersey Devils fans don’t appreciate having their goals taken away.

Devils fans littered the ice at Prudential Center on Wednesday night with garbage after the team had three goals disallowed vs the Toronto Maple Leafs. New Jersey’s incredible 13-game winning streak came to an end as a result.

New Jersey scored three goals in the game that were all taken back upon review. Two goals were disallowed for goaltender interference, while another one was ruled no-goal due to a kicking motion.

All three goals appeared to be the correct ruling, but that didn’t stop Devils fans from showing their frustration. New Jersey fans in the stadium threw beer cans and other trash onto the ice following the third disallowed goal.

Video footage shows heaps of trash raining down on the ice surface in the third period. It was so bad the refs had to pause the game and send the Leafs to the dressing room so that no player would get hit. New Jersey forward Erik Haula told the fans to stop throwing stuff.


After the game, the Devils fan continued to throw trash on the ice. In this clip, Auston Matthews can be seen shooting a beer toward the net. New Jersey fans simply couldn’t accept the loss.

It’s unfortunate New Jersey’s winning streak came to an end in this fashion, but it’s hard to blame the refs. The Leafs have been on the wrong end of some video reviews lately, so it was fitting their opposition got the short end of the stick this time.

The Maple Leafs’ players spoke after the game about the dangers of objects thrown on the ice surface.

“It’s full beers, said Mitch Marner. “It’s dangerous. We’re not looking for that. We’re not seeing it coming. Dodged a couple. … I don’t know (why) it’s our fault. … They’re throwing it to try and hit us. It’s the first I’ve ever seen. It’s insane.”

New Jersey’s Haula, speaking about telling the fans to stop throwing things, had the quote of the night.

I kind of tried to wave to (the fans) to stop (throwing things) but I think I got hit with a chicken finger during that time too … so whatever,” Haula said.

Fans throwing objects on the ice is always an ugly look for the NHL, so we can only hope other fanbases see the backlash from Wednesday night and don’t act similarly in the future. Nothing that happens in a game warrants objects being thrown at the players.