Dallas Stars fan gets punched in face
(Screenshot/ @Mattfaulkner92/ Twitter)

A Dallas Stars fan faced the consequences of his actions Thursday night when he was punched in the face after using a racial slur during a heated exchange with another spectator at the American Airlines Center. The incident occurred during the Stars’ 4-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild.

The altercation began when the mullet-sporting Stars fan, wearing a Jamie Benn jersey, yelled at another spectator in a black polo shirt, challenging him to “step down here and I’ll box your ass”. The other man did not engage, but the Stars fan persisted, eventually using the n-word and calling the other man a “dumba– n—–“. In response, the man in the black polo shirt punched the Stars fan in the face, knocking him into the seats.


Despite being outnumbered, as a woman joined the Stars fan in the fray, the man in the black polo shirt emerged victorious. The Dallas fan, pinned down to a chair, continued to claim he did nothing wrong, insisting that he did not throw the first punch.

The incident quickly gained attention on social media, with many users calling it an instance of “instant karma”. The phrase “F around and found out” was also widely used, referring to the immediate consequences the fan faced for his actions. The fan’s distinctive mullet also became a subject of online mockery.

Pete Blackburn, a sports journalist known for his sharp-tongued commentary, tweeted about the incident, focusing on the haircut of the Stars fan: “Sometimes a haircut tells you all you need to know about a person”.

Fights at hockey games are not uncommon, with numerous videos available online showcasing the most intense brawls both on and off the ice. However, this incident stands out due to the clear racial undertones and the immediate repercussions faced by the instigator. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of respect and decency in sports and in all public arenas.

The Dallas Stars have yet to comment on the incident. As the story continues to circulate on social media, it remains to be seen what further consequences, if any, the Dallas Stars fan will face for his actions.