Connor Bedard does pull-ups at the NHL Combine
(Photo Credit: @mikemorrealeNHL/ Twitter)

Presumptive No. 1 overall draft pick, Connor Bedard, turned heads at the recent NHL Draft Combine in Buffalo, New York. Bedard, considered the next big star following in the footsteps of Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid, is widely anticipated to be picked first overall by the rebuilding Chicago Blackhawks.

Bedard, who measures in at a shade under 5’10”, proved that size isn’t a limiting factor when it comes to strength and agility. The young star’s performance at the combine showcased his impressive athleticism and stamina, leaving no doubt about his readiness for the NHL.

Connor Bedard height at NHL Combine
Connor Bedard being measured at the 2023 NHL Combine. (Photo by @ByScottPowers/ Twitter).

Bedard’s combine results were truly impressive. Not only did he lead the 2023 class with 14 pull-ups, but he also displayed exceptional stamina in the aerobic fitness tests known as the VO2max and Wingate, which task prospects with pedaling an exercise bike at a high rate of speed.

Check out a few clips of Bedard going beast mode at the Combine:

Additionally, Bedard’s performance in other tests was no less remarkable. He demonstrated a bench press power of 6.28 power watts/KG, and leaped 93 inches in the horizontal jump test. His dedication to training and strict diet likely played a role in his combine success.

When asked about potentially being chosen by the Blackhawks, Bedard said, “It would be awesome. I mean, the history of that organization and that city with sports would be unbelievable. We’ll see what happens, but to select me … that would be a huge honor.”

Bedard’s performance at the combine speaks volumes about his drive and determination, especially considering that he would likely have been the top pick even if he chose not to participate. His decision to partake in the combine has undoubtedly excited the Blackhawks and their fans even more.

In comparison to previous years, Bedard’s pull-ups score of 14 places him in a strong position, considering the top pull-ups score has ranged from 13 to 19 since 2014. While the bench press protocol has changed over the years, Bedard’s 6.28 power watts/KG is impressive nonetheless.

The exact comparisons to previous years for other combine results like the VO2max, Wingate, and horizontal jump are not immediately available, but given Bedard’s exceptional performance in these areas, he’s shown that he’s a top-notch athlete ready to make a significant impact in the NHL.

All in all, Connor Bedard’s performance at the NHL Draft Combine was nothing short of impressive. His combination of skill, strength, and determination is sure to make him a valuable addition to any NHL team, and the Chicago Blackhawks are likely looking forward to having him on their roster.