Chicago Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard forgets his stick in NHL debut against Pittsburgh Penguins
(Screenshot/ ESPN)

Connor Bedard, the Chicago Blackhawks’ rookie, almost completed his NHL debut checklist, but he forgot one important tool – his hockey stick.

Bedard was so excited to hit the United Center ice against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday night, that he forgot to grab his stick coming out of the locker room

In a video during ESPN’s broadcast, Bedard high-fived his Blackhawks teammates outside the locker room before realizing he was without his stick and had to run back to retrieve it. 

After, with his stick in hand, Bedard took his rookie lap with fellow newcomer Kevin Korchinski.

Bedard’s debut was eagerly anticipated, not just by Blackhawks fans, but by the entire hockey world. The game was held in Pittsburgh, where Bedard faced off against his childhood hero, Sidney Crosby. Despite the pressure, Bedard remained self-assured, stating that he didn’t want to start the game being star-struck.

He was projected to join the first line alongside Taylor Hall and Ryan Donato, who he played with throughout training camp and preseason action.

Bedard’s debut was not just a personal milestone, but also a significant moment for the Blackhawks organization. As the youngest player to make his start with the Blackhawks in over 40 years and the second first-overall draft pick to make his debut since Patrick Kane, Bedard represents the future of the team.

Despite forgetting his stick, Bedard’s debut was a testament to his talent and potential. His journey from being a 13-year-old prodigy to making his NHL debut is a story of dedication, hard work, and a love for the game. As the Blackhawks and their fans look forward to the future, one thing is certain – Connor Bedard is a name they won’t forget.