Nathan MacKinnon steals Connor Bedard's stick
(Screenshot/ Sportsnet)

We have an explanation for one of the most viral moments of the 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend.

During the NHL Skills competition on Friday night, Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon stole the stick out of Connor Bedard’s hand and carefully examined it.

The funny MacKinnon-Bedard sequence occurred when the two 1st overall draft picks were sitting side-by-side on the bench during a break in action.

Check out the amusing clip that got a chuckle out of many hockey fans:

Bedard joined the Sportsnet panel and explained why MacKinnon grabbed his stick.

“I think guys talk a lot about curves, flex, and just kind of the specs guys use, so you know, whenever you’re with players, I feel like they’re always curious about what you’re using,” Bedard said. “I’m the same, so he was just kind of checking it out.”

Bedard was asked if MacKinnon gave his approval for the Sherwood stick he was using.

“Yeah, I mean, maybe I should take some advice from him on his stuff because he’s having a pretty good year, but yeah, he just is always asking about that stuff, I feel like.”

Sportsnet’s Ron MacLean followed up by asking Bedard, “What is your stick flex and what is your pattern on the curve?”

“70 flex, so pretty whippy. And then I just use like a classic P92, so nothing crazy,” Bedard stated.

Here’s Bedard’s full interview with Sportsnet:

Bedard was limited in his participation in the All-Star weekend as he was recovering from a broken jaw. While he was restricted to passing, he gained valuable experience skating with players and soaking in the ambiance.

While Bedard and MacKinnon are rivals right now, they will likely become Team Canada teammates for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Italy. We can’t wait to see what these two could potentially do on a line together.