Martin St. Louis teaches Cole Caufield score goal
(Photo Credit: @Mitch_Giguere/ Twitter)

There’s a famous old saying that practice makes perfect. That’s exactly what transpired Tuesday night at Bell Centre.

Montreal Canadiens’ forward Cole Caufield scored a goal the exact way coach Martin St. Louis taught him in practice. St. Louis showed Caufield in practice how faking a one-timer at the circle on the power play and cutting back can create room for a wrist shot.

Caufield used St. Louis’ teachings to score in that exact fashion Tuesday. Caufield received a puck at the circle and threw off the defender by faking a slap shot. The Habs’ forward followed St. Louis’s guidance to cut back and shoot on net. Caufield’s shot beat Sens’ goalie Anton Forsberg.

Hockey coach Mitch Giguere published a video on social media showing the Caufield goal vs Ottawa side-by-side with St. Louis teaching him the move in practice. St. Louis, a left-handed shot, even switches to right-hand to make it more relatable for Caufield.

It’s super cool to see something taught in practice get executed to perfection in a game setting. Here’s the clip:


Caufield has thrived since St. Louis took over for Dominic Ducharme as head coach in Montreal. Since St. Louis was hired to be the Habs’ coach, Caufield has 15 goals and 12 assists in 24 games.

Caufield was struggling under previous coach Ducharme, so it’s evident St. Louis has played a huge role in his turnaround. Both St. Louis and Caufield are around 5’8″ in height and have had to navigate being smaller players in a pro league with heavyweights.

Caufield scoring using what St. Louis taught him is a friendly reminder to younger hockey players to pay attention to what their coach is telling them in practice.