The cheapest hockey jerseys to buy in 2022
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Every hockey fan wants to properly represent their favorite team when they attend a live game. Unfortunately, hockey jerseys are expensive and don’t come cheap. The price for an authentic NHL hockey jersey typically varies between $200-300.

One of the questions we often get asked is where can I buy hockey jerseys for cheap? Hockey fans want to to be able to represent their favorite hockey teams without breaking the bank purchasing a jersey.

There are many great deals online for hockey jerseys if you know where to look. It’s important to do your research so you don’t wind-up with a cheap knockoff jersey that is clearly fake. Many jersey retailers have authentic hockey jerseys for sale on their website. The quality and authenticity of the jerseys are backed by reviews and ratings.

Some of the cheapest hockey jerseys are international jerseys or jerseys from popular hockey movies. These are a great idea for generic hockey fans because they’ll never go out of style. Players get traded so often in hockey that tailored team jerseys with name plates can become irrelevant quickly.

Since we often browse hockey jerseys websites and have business relationships with several jersey companies, we’d thought we’d do a blog post about the cheapest hockey jerseys you can buy in 2022.

We’ll do our best to keep this page updated with the best hockey jerseys deals, but we apologize in advance if a jersey has increased in price or gone out of stock.

Here are the cheapest hockey jerseys to buy right now:

Anaheim Ducks Mighty Ducks Jersey ($35 USD)

The Mighty Ducks jersey for sale on Amazon

The Anaheim Ducks “Mighty Ducks” jersey is one of the cheapest hockey jerseys you can buy online. This is an official jersey from the widely popular Mighty Duck movie franchise in the 1990’s. While the Ducks NHL team technically never wore these for a game, they did wear them while arriving for game in 2021. You’ll find many fans in Anaheim wearing different types of Mighty Ducks jerseys during games. This is a great option for fans of the popular movie or the Ducks NHL team. Buy Mighty Ducks jerseys on Amazon for $35 USD.

Hanson Brothers Slap Shot Movie Jersey ($34 USD)

Hanson Brothers Slap Shot Movie Jersey on Amazon

Slap Shot is arguably the best hockey movies of all time. Not only is it praised in the hockey community, but it’s also regarded as one of the best sports movies ever. Purchasing a Slap Shot movie jersey is a great option for neutral hockey fans who don’t have a specific favorite team. Almost every hockey fan knows the movie Slap Shot, so wearing a jersey from the film is sure to get you compliments whether you’re playing or attending a game. Buy authentic Slap Shot jerseys on Amazon for only $34 USD.

Doug Glatt #69 Halifax Highlanders Jersey ($30 USD)

Doug Glatt jersey on sale Amazon

If you’re looking for a funny hockey jersey, you can’t go wrong with a Doug Glatt #69 jersey. Glatt is a fictional character from the legendary hockey movie “Goon”. The 2012 film centers around around a hockey enforcer who makes a name for himself by fighting. “Goon” is widely regarded as one of the funniest hockey movies of all-time and features countless quotable moments. Buying a Doug Glatt jersey is a great choice for humorous hockey fans who want to poke fun at their lack of actual hockey skill. The jersey is one of Amazon’s all-time best-sellers and is on sale for $30 USD (Buy here).

Team USA Miracle on Ice Jersey ($36.99 USD)

Miracle on Ice jerseys Amazon

If you’re an American hockey fan, chances are you’ve heard of the “Miracle on Ice”. The “Miracle on Ice was one of the greatest upsets in sports history. Back in 1980, the USA Men’s hockey team defeated the Soviet Union 4-3 at the Lake Placid Olympics. The American team was made up of college players, while the Soviets were four-time defending Gold Medal champs. USA was massive underdogs and expected to lose the game badly. The Miracle on Ice is still gets talked about today, which has made the player jerseys all-time best sellers. If you’re a USA hockey fan who wants to buy a jersey that will never lose relevance, buying a Miracle on Ice jersey from Amazon for $37 USD is a great choice.

Wayne Gretzky Canada Cup Jersey ($79.99 CAD)

Wayne Gretzky Team Canada jersey on sale for cheap on Amazon

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player of all time, so it’s not surprising his jersey is one of the most sought after by fans of the sport. Gretzky played for four different teams during his 20-season NHL career, but his nationality never changed. Gretzky represented Team Canada in several international tournaments, including in the 1987 Labatt Canada Cup. Gretzky Canada jerseys are a great idea for Canadian hockey fans who want to support hockey’s greatest all-time player. Gretzky’s Labatt Cup red Canada jerseys are available for only $80 CAD on Amazon.

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