Celine Dion reads Boston Bruins starting lineup
(Screenshot/ "Behind the B")

Music icon Celine Dion made a surprise appearance at the TD Garden on Thursday night, not to perform her hit songs, but to read out the starting lineup for the Boston Bruins before their game against the New York Rangers.

The Canadian superstar, known for her powerful vocals and emotional ballads, brought her signature enthusiasm to the Bruins’ locker room.

Dion, who has been a lifelong Montreal Canadiens fan, seemed to put aside her allegiance for the evening as she energetically announced the Bruins’ starters.

Dion even took a playful jab at Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo for his lack of attire, quipping, “Thank you so much for getting ready for me tonight,” which earned laughs from the locker room.

Check out Dion’s epic lineup read, courtesy of the Bruins’ ‘Behind the B’ show:

“I got three boys. What do you think: I’m going to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ every night?” Dion quipped, referring to her sons RenΓ©-Charles, 23, and twins Nelson and Eddy, 13. The players, including Bruins winger David Pastrnak, couldn’t help but crack a smile at Dion’s lively presence.

This isn’t the first time Dion has shown her appreciation for hockey. Earlier this season, she met with the Edmonton Oilers in their locker room when they were in Las Vegas to play the Golden Knights.

Dion’s love for the sport is evident, as she joked about the players’ impressive stature, saying, “It’s exciting to me β€” those big guys, like, just, like, on flat shoes. I cannot imagine on skates with all the equipment.”


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While some Montreal Canadiens fans might feel betrayed by Dion’s support for the rival Bruins, it’s clear that her love for hockey transcends team allegiances.

The music legend’s appearance in the Bruins’ locker room not only energized the players but also delighted fans who were thrilled to see her engage with the sport in such a unique way.

Dion’s visit to Boston wasn’t just limited to the hockey arena. The singer was also spotted dining at Scampo, a popular Italian restaurant in the city’s Liberty Hotel, along with her sons. Patrons were reportedly in awe of Dion’s presence, with one manager noting, “Everyone said she looked like a million bucks.”

As the Bruins took to the ice following Dion’s memorable lineup read, the singer and two of her sons enjoyed the game from a suite. Fans wondered if her appearance might bring the team a little extra luck.

Regardless of the game’s outcome, Celine Dion’s surprise visit to the TD Garden will undoubtedly be a highlight of the season for both players and fans.