Carey Price surprises Anderson Whitehead
(Screenshot: Sportsnet)

What a moment.

Goaltender Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens didn’t win any awards at the 2019 NHL Awards, but he found a way to steal the show Tuesday evening.

11-year-old Anderson Whitehead lost his mother to cancer in November. Before Laura McKay passed away, she promised to do anything she could to help her son Anderson meet his idol — goaltender Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens.

Following her death, Whitehead’s aunt decided to arrange for Anderson to meet Price at a Habs practice in February. Price went out of his way to meet Anderson at the practice and gave him a signed goalie stick. An emotional Anderson was brought to tears as he finally met his idol.

The moment between Price and Anderson was voted the NHL awards’ feel-good moment of the 2018-19 season. Anderson went on stage at the 2019 NHL Awards in Las Vegas to get recognized for the award. Anderson began to receive a message from Price on the big screen before the Montreal goaltender actually came out behind the curtain to surprise him and offer him a trip to the 2020 All-Star game .

You can watch the full video below:

Just another reminder that hockey players truly are the best.