David Rittich allows a soft goal against Tanner Pearson
(Screenshot/ Sportsnet)

The Vancouver Canucks Sportsnet commentators couldn’t contain their laughter after Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender David Rittich allowed one of the softer goals of the NHL season Tuesday evening.

Rittich had already allowed a weak goal early in the third period and then got beat by Tanner Pearson on a weak shot later in the frame. The ex-Calgary Flames netminder allowed five goals on the night, leading to his third consecutive loss with Toronto.

After the Pearson goal, Sportsnet Pacific commentators John Garrett and John Shorthouse reacted to the replay like most hockey fans outside of Toronto would react.

“Just a slider”, said John Garrett. What followed was hysterical laughing and cackling from the two commentators as the replay showed the puck bouncing off Rittich’s left pad, through his legs and into the net.


Riitch’s career in Toronto has gotten off to a bumpy start, as he’s allowed nine goals in three games and is still in search of his first victory. He was traded to the Leafs by the Flames at the 2021 trade deadline in exchange for a third-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft.

Despite the blooper on Tuesday, captain John Tavares went to bat for his goalie in his post-game media availability.

“He’s a great goaltender, said Tavares. “He’s shown that. We’ve got all the belief in him in the world.”

“I’m taking full responsibility for this game. I’ve got to get better”, said Rittich following the loss.

The chuckling by the Vancouver commentators might be seen as unprofessional by some in the media world, but sometimes these type of emotions just can’t be contained.