Bruins announcer Jack Edwards goes off on Tom Wilson

Boston Bruins’ announcer Jack Edwards didn’t pull any punches when calling the goals in Friday’s game between the Bruins and Capitals. The NESN commentator went off on Washington Capitals’ forward Tom Wilson throughout the game after Wilson laid a hit to the head of Bruins’ defenseman Brandon Carlo.

Wilson wasn’t penalized for the hit despite Carlo being injured on the play. You watch the hit below and come to a conclusion on your own.

We all knew Wilson was going to have to answer for this hit even though there was no penalty called on the play. That answer came in the form of Bruins’ defenseman Jarred Tinordi, who dropped the gloves with the Washington Capitals power forward.

The Bruins would score three consecutive goals while Wilson was serving his five-minute major penalty for fighting, and Jack Edwards went in on Wilson on each of his goal calls.

The first goal with Wilson in the box was scored by rookie Trent Frederic and resulted in Edwards immediately going after Wilson instead of focusing on the actual play. “Tom Wilson has a tremendous view of it from the penalty bench…!!”, Edwards shouted.


The second goal scored with Wilson in the box was by captain Patrice Bergeron. “…and Bergeron puts the Bruins up 3-0 on TOMMY WILSON AND THE CAPS!!”, Edwards exclaims.



The final goal scored with Wilson in the penalty box saw Edwards absolutely rip Wilson for being in the penalty box for three consecutive Bruins goals. “Tom Wilson gets up and leaves the penalty bench having seen three goals scored after Jarred Tinordi makes a punching bag out of his head!! Nice going Tom!”



There was plenty of nastiness on the ice between Boston and Washington on Friday evening, but the best rivalry might’ve been Jack Edwards vs Tom Wilson.