Arizona Coyotes broadcaster Todd Walsh bids emotional farewell to team before relocation
(Screenshot/ @HockeyDaily365/ Twitter)

In an emotional scene following the Arizona Coyotes’ season finale, longtime broadcaster Todd Walsh struggled to hold back tears as he said goodbye to the only NHL team he’s ever known.

The Coyotes defeated the Edmonton Oilers 5-2 on Thursday night in their last game at Arizona State University’s Mullett Arena before relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2024-25.

In a video shared by @HockeyDaily365 on Twitter, Walsh can be seen fighting back tears as he speaks into the microphone after the game, his voice cracking with every word.

Check out this emotional clip that serves as a perfect send-off for the Arizona Coyotes:


“This is not how we wanted it to end,” Walsh said, his words echoing through the arena. “But the passion and dedication you’ve shown, even in the toughest of times, is something I’ll always remember. You are the heartbeat of this franchise.”

The crowd erupted in chants of “Todd! Todd! Todd!”, a testament to the impact Walsh has had on the Coyotes community over the past 28 years. Players and coaches also joined in the ovation, with many sharing embraces with the beloved broadcaster.

Walsh has been a mainstay on Coyotes broadcasts since the team moved to Phoenix from Winnipeg in 1996. He’s witnessed the highs of the team’s run to the 2012 Western Conference Final and the lows of unstable ownership, attendance woes, and arena troubles.

Walsh’s emotional farewell was just one of many poignant moments from the Coyotes’ final game in Arizona. Fans chanted “Salt Lake sucks!” and took to social media to express their disappointment and sadness at the team’s departure.

Former Coyotes legend Shane Doan, whose son Josh currently plays for the team, was reunited with his retired jersey banner, which had been left behind at Gila River Arena

Despite the impending move, Walsh remained optimistic about the future of hockey in Arizona. “No matter what happens, Arizona will always be our home,” he said. “The Coyotes belong to you, the fans. Never forget that.”

As the Coyotes prepare for their new chapter in Salt Lake City, the memories and relationships forged over nearly three decades in the desert will endure.

And for Todd Walsh, the man who has been there through it all, the final game at Mullett Arena will forever be etched in his heart as a bittersweet goodbye to the team and the fans he loves so dearly.