Montreal's Brendan Gallagher accuses Ottawa's Tim Stutzle of embellishment

Brendan Gallagher has some thoughts about Tim Stutzle.

Gallagher sounded off on the 20-year Sens’ forward in his post-game press conference Tuesday. Ottawa beat Montreal by a 6-3 score at Bell Centre. Gallagher and Stutzle both scored goals for their respective teams in the game.

Gallagher took exception with what he believes was embellishment by Stutzle in the game. The young Senators’ forward drew two penalties on the night, including a roughing penalty on Gallagher in the third period.

Gallagher believes Stutzle embellished penalties by laying down on the ice when he wasn’t actually hurt.

Here’s a kneeing penalty by Nick Suzuki on Stutzle that likely triggered Gallagher’s comments. Stutzle laid down on the ice for several seconds before getting up fine and participating in the ensuing power play.

Gallagher gave praise to Stutzle being a talented player, but says the diving needs to stop.

“More than half the games we’ve played against him, he’s laid on the ice and is right back out there next shift”, Gallagher said. “He lays on the ice, he acts like he’s hurt, he sells the call, he’s on the ice that same power play”.

Gallagher also doesn’t think Stutzle is a good role model for kids:

“There’s kids watching, we’re role models, and if was teammate of his I’d tell him to smarten up. It’s just not a good look. Very talented player, very good player, he needs to stop laying on the ice. It’s embarrassing.”

Here’s Gallagher’s full comments:


While Gallagher could have a point, we’ll likely never know for certain unless Stutzle speaks on the matter. Stutzle’s collision with Suzuki certainly looked painful enough to warrant the type of reaction we saw from the Sens’ youngster Tuesday.

While both the Sens and Habs won’t be playing in the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs, they do have one final regular-season meeting left. The Senators host the Canadiens on April 23rd in what will be a must-watch game following Gallagher’s accusations.