Sidney Crosby fights Brandon Dubinsky
(Screenshot/ Sportsnet (YouTube)

Leave it to injured Columbus Blue Jackets forward Brandon Dubinsky to re-ignite the Sidney Crosby vs Alex Ovechkin debate.

Dubinsky stirred up some big-time controversy this week when he went on a hockey podcast and dissed Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and gave praise to Washington captain Alex Ovechkin.

The conversation occurred on episode 59 of the Garage Beers podcast on the Belly Up Podcasts networks. “Everybody wants to talk about Sid and Ovi (Alex Ovechkin) or whatever,” Dubinsky said. “Dude, f— Sid. I’ll take Ovi every day of the week.”


Dubinsky also talked about his fight with Ovechkin and said he asked for a signed stick from the Capitals’ legend and Ovi obliged. “I would never ask for a signed stick from Sid, ever.”

Here’s the link to the full episode on Apple Podcasts. Dubinsky took to Twitter a day later to double down on what he said.

Listen. Crosby is better then me I never said he wasn’t. He’s obviously one of the best ever. It was @ovi8 vs Sid. None of you played in the NHL and know how hard it is to score goals in the NHL. 724 is insane. Sid just whined way too much and Ovi just shut up and played hard.”

Dubinsky is currently on long-term injured reserve as he deals with a chronic wrist injury. The 34-year-old last took the ice in the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs against the Boston Bruins. He was acquired from the New York Rangers by Columbus in July 2012. In 823 career NHL games, Dubinsky has 153 goals and 438 points.

It’s no secret Dubinsky and Crosby didn’t like each other when they were rivals in the Metropolitan division. The two went at it on multiple occasions and it escalated to the point of a fight in 2015. In the following season, Dubinsky got a one-game suspension for cross-checking Crosby in the neck.

Dubinsky has called out Crosby for whining and complaining when he was with the Rangers, so it isn’t surprising to see him bring it up now as part of his argument in favor of Ovechkin. What’s worth noting is Crosby has mentioned on a few prominent podcasts, including 31 Thoughts and Spittin Chiclets, that he regrets complaining too much to the refs early in his NHL career.

The Crosby vs Ovechkin debate is always fun, but it can be put to bed pretty quickly. There’s no doubting Ovechkin is one of the greatest goal scorers of all time, but you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who says Crosby isn’t the better overall player.