Tkachuk vs Kochetkov
(Screenshot/ Bally Sports)

A tense moment between Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk and Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Pyotr Kochetkov has hockey fans buzzing.

In Tuesday’s game between the Senators and Hurricanes, Ottawa was awarded a penalty shot late in the third period after it was ruled that Kochetkov had thrown his stick to make a save. Replays showed Kochetkov’s stick slipped out of his hands rather than being deliberately thrown, but the call stood.

Tkachuk took the penalty shot but was denied by Kochetkov, who charged out of his crease to execute a dramatic flying poke check that knocked the puck loose. The collision sent Tkachuk crashing hard into the boards behind the net.

Kochetkov appeared to taunt Tkachuk after the save, yelling at the Senators captain. A furious Tkachuk had to be held back by officials as he tried to go after Kochetkov. He was assessed a 10-minute misconduct penalty.


“It felt like he just poked my legs and I went flying,” said Tkachuk after the game. “I was just trying to go make a play and he prevented me from doing that. I didn’t expect him to come out like that. It took me by surprise.”

The unconventional save by Kochetkov robbed Ottawa of a late chance to get back into the game. The Hurricanes went on to win 4-1, snapping a four-game losing skid.

“That’s just my style – I like to play aggressive,” said Kochetkov of the poke check. “It was a big save and I was pumped up in the moment.”

The heated exchange between the two players now has hockey fans eagerly awaiting a potential rematch between Tkachuk’s Senators and Kochetkov’s Hurricanes later this season.

With Tkachuk known as an aggressive, physical presence and Kochetkov showing he won’t back down either, their next meeting could feature more fireworks on the ice.

For now, Kochetkov and the Hurricanes have the last laugh after a drama-filled win over their divisional rivals.