Brad Marchand prevents Tristan Jarry from giving puck to fan in stands
(Screenshot/ AT&T Sportsnet)

Brad Marchand is the NHL’s biggest villain.

Marchand pulled another savage move in a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday. The Bruins were hosting Sidney Crosby and the Pens at TD Garden. While Marchand has a reputation for dirty plays, we have to admit this troll job was pretty funny.

At the end of the second period, Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry tried to nicely give away a puck to a Pittsburgh fan in the stands. Jarry skated behind the net and put the puck on his stick blade in an effort to lift it into the stands.

Just as Jarry was about to make a fan’s night, he got interrupted. Marchand saw what Jarry was doing and knocked the puck right off the goalie’s stick. After collecting the puck from Jarry, Marchand simply tossed it aside.

It’s unfortunate the fan couldn’t get the puck, but this was a master troll job by Marchand. The Bruins’ forward wants to be the only player giving away pucks in his arena.


Marchand’s move wasn’t very nice, but the Penguins are sure to make this right once they get word of what happened. The story is going viral on social media, so you have to think they’ll look into the incident. The kid deserves the puck Marchand took from him.

Marchand was in full trolling mode Tuesday night, as he also prevented Penguins captain Sidney Crosby from getting a new stick from the Pittsburgh bench. Marchand could’ve easily been called for interference, but the ref put away his whistle.

The Penguins got the last laugh in the game, beating the Bruins by a 4-2 score. Every sport needs a villain, and that’s exactly what Marchand has become in the NHL.